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With friends, family or on your own, a safari holiday to South Africa is the pride of the herd (and it’s very likely you’ll see one too). 

South Africa Game Reserves

South Africa

The destination

We’ve all heard of the ‘Big 5’. We’ve all wanted to be able to boast to having spotted the ‘Big 5’. But not many of us can claim to having achieved this. That is until our holiday to South Africa. For it is here that the ‘Big 5’ has found their home, here in their natural environment in the depths of the South African bush.

Whilst it can never be promised that a sighting of all 5 is guaranteed, far less so in one day (unless you consider yourself a Charlie & the Chocolate Factory type), choosing a trip to South Africa will certainly place yourself in as good a sporting chance than any other of spying an African Elephant, an African Lion, the Cape Buffalo, an African Leopard and/or the black or white Rhinoceros.

And to increase the stakes even further head to Kruger National Park, South Africa’s premier game reserve. Almost the size of Israel, Kruger National Park is an expansive, unfenced, ecological diverse parkland that is home to a staggering 147 different species of mammal, 517 species of bird & 114 species of reptiles. So you’ll be in fine company. Being a self-drive national park, you really can explore at your own pace and to your own tune.

But if that all sounds a little bit too crowded for you, then why not head to one of the world’s only private game reserves. Private Islands, step aside – Leobo Private Reserve is the new king in town. Here you will be able to explore to your hearts content, in the knowledge that you probably will be venturing somewhere no human has trodden before; just the African wildlife whom have kindly invited you to share their home with them for the duration of your stay. 


Top tips

  • For prime time viewing, visit during the dry winter season when the watering hole is awash with animals
  • Delight in a safari on horseback
  • Always bring the family – of all ages. You’re never too old or young to learn
  • Marvel at the sheer expanse of the South African bush from a bird’s eye view in a helicopter tour
  • Add on a trip to Cape Town - the contrast is incredibly rewarding

Hotels in Game Reserves

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