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The Winelands is a beautiful, fun filled, characterful and relaxing part of the world with unique charms that you’d struggle to find anywhere else. A true gem that’s not to be missed!

South Africa Winelands Holiday

South Africa

The destination

Paarl, Stellenbosch and Franschhoek combine to make up this wonderful region. It boasts winding valleys, cavernous mountain ranges and colourful wineries brimming with character and flavour, so feast your eyes before you feast your taste buds amid the magnificent and seemingly endless surrounds. As well as the mind blowing landscape you will come across quaint towns filled with South African charm where you are invited to immerse yourself in the local culture, cuisine, landmarks and of course, wine.

An array of winemakers ply their trade day in day out and produce magnificent results year upon year, so watch the experts up close and personal, take a tour with your guide and be sure to sample the huge variety and splendour that the area so proudly shows off. The wine tours are organised yet informal, insightful and educational – a joy to experience.

There is an all year round Mediterranean climate so come any time convenient to you, the excellent weather takes full advantage of the vast views and glorious expanse. Winelands is a flexible destination where no month is worse than the other; we recommend it as a unique and once in a lifetime family holiday, an active group getaway or the most romantic and exclusive of romantic breaks.

The towns and villages have an abundance of historic monuments and traditional landmarks to be admired and remembered as you take a day excursion through these wonderful places. So make friends with the passionate and friendly locals as they show off their unspoilt terrain, fresh food and drink and characterful streets and buildings.
If time is on your side take a trip to Cape Town, revel in the bustle of this cosmopolitan coastal city with world famous landmarks, cuisine to die for and a general atmosphere of positivity and friendliness.


Top tips

  • Take a wine tour in the world renowned Stellenbosch, then sit back with your favoured glass amid its very birth place.
  • Stroll through the local towns and villages and sample the character and local charm.
  • Step out of your comfort zone; visit Cape Town for a thrill seeking experience of a lifetime!
  • Remain in your exclusive lodge amid an arena of beauty and sun soak in a natural paradise.
  • Go hiking in the Liemietberg Nature Reserve and spot from leopard to baboon within the glorious expanse.

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