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Trekking with chimpanzees: a unique wilderness experience!

Mahale Mountains National Park


The destination

Located in the remote west of Tanzania, on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, Mahale Mountains National Park is untouched wilderness, and home to one of the most unique safari experiences in Africa.

The big draw of a visit to Mahale Mountains are the resident wild chimpanzees, allowing visitors to trek with them in the lowland forest adjacent to the lake shore.

Mahale is the number one location in Africa to walk with chimpanzees, and the park is one of the few in Africa that is only traversible on foot, following a boat crossing on the lake.

Walking with wild chimpanzees in Mahale Mountains national park is an experience that will stay in your heart forever, as you marvel at how similar their behaviour and family dynamics are to our own.

Mahale Mountains National Park isn't just about the chimpanzees, visitors are able to kayak on the lake, hike to mountain forest waterfalls for a refreshing dip, take a sundowner cruise on a traditional dhow, or just relax on the beach soaking up the feeling of being in the heart of unspoiled African wilderness.


There is only one accommodation option we recommend in Mahale Mountains National Park, which is the iconic Greystoke Mahale. Greystoke has been operational for over twenty years and has rightly developed a reputation for excellence. A stay at this flagship camp will leave you in no doubt that the long journey to get here was worthwhile. 

Greystoke Mahale is operated by Nomad Tanzania, who have some of the best guides in the country. Their expert guidance will make sure you get the most of your experience with the chimpanzees, whilst adhering to the regulations in place to keep these critically endangered animals safe. Mahale isn't just about the chimpanzees, and the Greystoke guides will help you to find many species of animal and bird life.

Due to the remoteness of location, Greystoke Mahale runs on a strict schedule of either three or four night stays, to fit in with internal flight schedules. If you can stretch your budget to four nights, you won't regret it!


Children of eight years and above are welcome at Greystoke Mahale, however, Tanzania National Parks Authority only issue chimpanzee trekking permits to children of aged 12 and above, therefore, we don't recommend a visit here if you have young children.


As with the other parks in Tanzania, the best time to visit is the dry season of July to October. The later in the dry season you travel, the easier your trekking will be, as the chimps retreat to higher ground during the rains.



Top tips

  • Flights and stays at Greystoke Mahale run on a three or four night basis. We highly recommend four nights if possible!
  • Make sure you bring 'safari clothing' for treks in the forest, i.e: greens, browns, beige. No white or bright coloured clothing should be worn when on walking safari.
  • A sturdy pair of shoes is an essential part of your packing list!
  • If you are planning on a visit to Mahale Mountains, we recommend designing your entire safari around the best dates for availability at Greystoke Mahale, and book early!


  • Local currency: Tanzanian Shilling
  • Accepted currency: USD
  • Accepted credit cards: Visa and MasterCard (most places)
  • Timezone: GMT +3 hrs

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