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What we love

Cambodia has so much to offer from the outset. With a rich culture and vibrant history you will be astounded at what you may learn. Ultimately the people are what make the difference, the constant smiles and warmth from the locals make you feel at home instantly. 

The destination

Cambodia is a country full of incredible beauty, with breathtaking temples, bountiful nature, and a history unlike any other.  The dominant religion of the country is Buddhism, which places value on hospitality and kindness. This is evident all across the country where visitors can be always be assured of a warm and genuine welcome wherever they go. 

After decades of being off limits to the outside world, Cambodia now draws millions of tourists who come to enjoy the country's breathtaking sights and enter the walls of Cambodia's Angkor Wat - one of the seven wonders of the world. Over time the jungle has slowly consumed these impressive structures making them both beautiful and mysterious, so spend a few days exploring this UNESCO world heritage site and gain a deeper insight into the history of Cambodia. 

The capital of Phnom Penh is captivating from the moment you step off the plane. The French colonial style is prominent and adds to the uniqueness of the city. In addition to the architecture, the riverfront is bustling and the markets are vibrant allowing for great shopping and access to some fantastic cafe's and restaurants. 

To the south there are lush tropical beaches brimming with marine life offering an incredible escape to the coast. For avid scuba divers the islands just off Sihnoukville offer a fantastic gateway to some of the best dive sites in Southeast Asia, in contrast stay on the beach and unwind at one of the relaxed coastal towns. 

Cambodia offers something special for everyone, with a rich culture and unspoiled natural land it's a fascinating destination in which to get immersed. 



Top tips

  • Don't miss the temples of Angkor at dawn or sunset. Head off the beaten track to visit some of the 1,000 exquisite temples across the site, as well as the most famous - Angkor Wat
  • Haggle for a bargain at the Russian Market then sip a sundowner overlooking the Mekong from a rooftop bar in Phnom Penh
  • Relax on a private island resort or dive amongst an array of tropical species in the clear waters off the coast of Sihanoukville
  • Cruise along the Mekong river
  • Local currency: Cambodian Riel
  • Accepted currency: USD
  • Accepted credit cards: Visa and MasterCard 
  • Timezone: GMT +7 hrs
  • Visa on Arrival 


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