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With over 300 islands to explore a trip to Fiji is guaranteed to ignite the adventurer within!

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The destination

Fiji is the ideal destination for those whom are looking to completely escape. You can enjoy a real 'castaway' experience, but still with all the modern day comforts! Further to this with just 1.5 per cent of the area that collectively forms the nation of Fiji being dry land, it is without a doubt a water baby’s heaven. The miles of warm crystal clear waters are your home to explore to your hearts content.

332 islands may sound like a lot to cover in just a week or so but it’s actually very easy to do so during your stay. Mainland Fiji to the tip of this archipelago takes around 2 hours via your own private Catamaran. Whilst out on the ocean, take the opportunity to discover the well regarded Coral Reefs which are among the most diverse in all of the Pacific Ocean. If the remote romanticism of the islands becomes a little tedious (we highly doubt it!) then head to capital Nadi. Located on mainland Fiji. The warm Fijian welcome and the overwhelming hospitality will leave you with lasting memories and no doubt with a desire to return in order to discover yet more hidden gems.


Top tips

  • A Catamaran tour of the islands
  • Scuba dive with  colourful array of fish
  • Island Hop 
  • Explore virgin landscapes
  • Be prepared to switch off completely, mobile phones included!

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