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Rural Rajasthan


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Adding a few days into your itinerary in rural Rajasthan is to be recommended as it allows you to explore another face of the country and people, away from the cities and palaces. The dramatic landscape houses boutique properties set amongst craggy boulders, expansive bodies of water, green fields and also desert lands offering a refreshing change from the hustle and bustle of the urban centres.

The countryside is littered with small rural hamlets with their narrow streets, simple dwellings, markets, and subsistence agriculture and at almost every turn in the road lies a ruin or relic from lost empires. Scenically the area is magnificent with the craggy hills of the Aravalli range dropping down into lush green valleys. The opportunities for photography are exceptional and the insight into the lifestyles and cultures of the Indian countryside unparalleled.

Just before the sun sets we suggest a drive through the surrounding villages and farmlands. This hour is known as “Gaudhuli” or the cow dust hour, a name which is result of the dust raised by cattle returning home. It is a magical time to be out in the countryside. Sunrise and Sunset are considered auspicious times in India, and as you drive through the villages stopping perhaps for a cup of tea, you will see small rituals performed to welcome in the night and to ward off the dark spirits.  This is a rare opportunity to see life in rural India.


You can apply for an e-visa online from 120 days before travel. Passports need to have at least six months validity from the date of arrival in India and also at least 2 blank pages when you present it at immigration. 


Top tips

  • Keep your eyes peeled and take some binoculars as there are stunning birds as well as larger wildlife such as leopards.
  • Take a cooking class to learn some local specialities.
  • Visiting this region during the Holi festival provides a unique and authentic insight into India's traditional celebrations.



  • Local currency: Indian Rupee
  • Accepted credit cards: Visa and MasterCard, American Express (Large establishments, hotels, restaurants, shops)
  • Timezone: GMT +5.5 hrs

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