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Ah Mustique: a destination synonymous with blue blooded royals and rock-stars.

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The destination

An achingly exclusive destination, the Island quite rightly has earned the privilege of boasting to being the best of the best. The product and love of Lord Glenconner whom purchased this island in St Vincent & the Grenadines back in 1958, the legacy of the British Royal family was initiated by the late Princess Margaret who’s wedding present from her friend, Lord Glenconner, was a 10 acre private estate on the island. Not bad! And today, whilst the island is under ownership of The Mustique Company, this company comprises a collection of island’s homeowners. Thus the exclusive and privileged nature of the island is maintained. The saying, it’s not what you know but who you know rings true here!

But don’t let that put you off. Once on the island you will whole-heartedly feel part of the community. Of the some 100 privately owned villas, 74 are available for rent, including Princess Margaret’s once island home, Les Jolies Eaux. Ranging in size and style, there are classic, colonial plantation homes as well as modern, minimalistic masterpieces. What they do have in common though is access to all the island’s fantastic facilities and legendary island parties. It might seem from the outset that this island is inward looking, fiercely protective of its fine beaches and elegant persona. But once on ‘the inside’ everyone’s invited. Whether you like it or not, you will get to know your fellow islander’s during your stay. But we highly doubt you’ll mind…they are a jolly good bunch to know!


Top tips

  • Ensure your Thursday evenings here are kept free – you’d hate to miss the legendary island White Party.
  • Leave your social media at home. There are no paparazzi here. Guests come to escape. So let them be!
  • Go to Basil’s Bar. This iconic bar is the talk of the Island. As is Basil himself!
  • Go for Winter Sun in January/February for the celebrated Basil’s Blues Festival

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