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Owing to its furthest eastern location within the realms of Europe, Cyprus’ climate is more akin to the Middle East than to Western Europe. 

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The destination

Lying in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, as it has done for millenniums, the island of Cyprus patiently awaits her visitors. Affectionately known as the Island of Aphrodite, as legend has it that the Greek goddess was born here, the legacy that this goddess has left is that of a sweet sense of romance, beauty and nature. Combined with a wealth of luxury hotels that embody all three of these Cypriot characteristics, Cyprus is an ideal destination for those in search of escapism.

A myriad of myth and intrigue, Cyprus has emerged as a most sought after destination. Although an island divided from North to South, this has not prevented the country from developing her own distinct identity - nowhere more evident than in the food on offer aboard this Mediterranean island. Heavily influenced by the prevalent Greek and Turkish cultures, think Cypriot cuisine and see expansive meze dishes that would not look out of joint framed in an art gallery. See rich & velvety Taramosalata and smooth & creamy hummus accompanied with wafer thin flatbread. And of course, see Halloumi. No dish in Cyprus is complete without at least a cameo from their infamous part sheep’s part cow’s milk cheese!

The traditional summer months of July & August witness punishingly hot temperatures, stifling even the most seasoned of sun-worshipper. Thus the best times to visit are the months that book-end summer, namely May and June and up to as late as November. These months provide the perfect temperatures in which to explore Cyprus’ sleepy villages, her crumbling classical amphitheatres and temples, the haunting monasteries that cling to the rugged cliff tops and dip in the crystal clear Mediterranean waters. All washed down with a shot of Zivania, Cyprus’ answer to Raki. Guaranteed to get you in the mood fit for the island of Aphrodite!


Top tips

  • Always carry a sarong. A lot of religious sites require covered shoulders, so to avoid being caught out when you stumble upon that hidden church, always best to be prepared.
  • Visit Petra tou Romiou – the legendary birthplace of Aphrodite.
  • Enjoy a mezze. If not for anything else, the Instagram opportunities are not to be missed.

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