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The location for many a movie, the Amalfi Coast is one of the most beautiful stretches of scenery in the Mediterranean, if not the whole of Europe. 

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The destination

The stage is set with spectacular scenes of cliff faces cascading down to the crystal clear sea, dotted with coves and dressed in a thick coat of multi-coloured houses and garden terraces. Truly picture perfect.

For a country synonymous with fast cars and fashion, a trip to Italy really is not complete without a journey down to the Amalfi Coast. Known as the ‘road of a thousand bends’ this hair-raising rollercoaster of a ride round the rugged rocks of Italy’s famous southern coastline is a must do on anyone’s bucket list. And for the truly authentic experience, it seems criminal (though slightly clichéd!) not to do it in your very own Ferrari. Start the journey in Sorrento, the pretty village clinging to the limestone cliffs and from here skirt around the bends to Positano where you will be greeted with views instantly recognisable from many a postcard. From Positano, zip around to the village of Praiano before taking the higher road up to the impossibly elegant village of Ravello. All looking out over the dazzling Gulf of Salerno. All boasting views to die for. And all undeniably Italian. So in keeping with the true Italian pace of life, make a day of it. It will be one you’ll remember for a lifetime.

But the Amalfi Coast isn’t just for driving. The largest city in Southern Italy, Naples cannot escape unvisited. A far cry from the sedate and tranquil atmosphere of the Amalfi villages, Naples is chaotic and buzzing. Ditch the Ferrari and go on foot (or scooter). Home to the Italian pizza, this eclectic city is a place in which the theatre is played out on the streets: heckling street sellers, bustling markets and lively restaurants spilling out onto the piazzas. Not that this should put you off – this is the essence of Southern Italian life.

From Naples, the equally unmissable sites of Pompeii & Mount Vesuvius can easily be reached. Not needing much introduction, these archaeological sites showcase the wealth of historical importance that the area exudes. Thus confirming that the Amalfi Coast with the Bay of Naples, UNESCO World Heritage sites, exquisite coastal drives and unequivocal Italian elegance, is one of Italy’s most treasured destinations.


Top tips

  • Hire a car
  • Drive anti-clockwise round the coastal route. It may feel dangerously close to the edge but the uninterrupted views are worth it
  • Leave the heels at home. Steps & cobbled streets go hand in hand with the Amalfi Coast
  • Have a pizza in Naples
  • Do a boat trip to Capri Island. Don’t miss the Blue Grotto

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