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Escape the summer crowds in Italy's more popular northern destinations of Tuscany and Verona, and opt for classic Mediterranean charm in the Adriatic.

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The "heel" of Italy's boot, the region of Puglia is fast-becoming one of this iconic country's most glamorous and sought-after destinations among spa-seekers, sun worshippers, and culture vultures alike. Lovers of art, history, architecture, gastronomy, wine and wellness will all find Puglia replete with luxurious offerings to recommend it. Unforgettable experiences amongst rustic Italian vistas await you in Puglia.
800 km of coastline boasts crystal clear shallows and aquamarine depths in the Ionian and Adriatic oceans, and soft sandy beaches to enjoy.
From the Baroque beauty of Lecce, with its seventeenth century architecture (known as 'Florence of the South'), to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the trulli district around Alberobello - charming unique dry-stone buildings arranged in clusters and steeped in history.
Baroque and Romanesque churches, historical palaces, enchanted hamlets and romantic cities will greet you, not to mention authentic manor farms, rural boutique hotels and luxury hotel resorts.
Close to the border of Puglia you will also find world-famous Matera - an atmosopheric ancient town of settlements built into the land overlooking a ravine.
You can fly directly into the region at Puglia's capital, Bari, to kick off your visit, from where you will head out into the beautiful Puglian landscape of vineyards, citrus and olive groves and miles upon miles of rolling hills bathed in warm Italian sunshine.



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