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Most visitors to Sardinia only head to Porto Cervo, but be sure to hire a car and explore the rest of the Northern part of the island. The coastline is sprinkled with stunning beaches, great towns and delicious seafood restaurants.

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The destination

Think Sardinia. And most think Costa Smeralda. Since its development in the 1960s, this 10km stretch of coastline has been the candy to a baby for celebrities and wealthy travellers. Bubbling over with staggeringly beautiful beaches and achingly luxurious hotels, Costa Smeralda has catapulted Sardinia into the stratosphere of uber fashionable destinations.

We can understand why. Stretches of sandy white beaches with crystal clear waters, the colour of her namesake, lapping at her shores are interrupted only by impressive harbours housing some of the worlds most eye catching super yachts. A befitting skyline for such a high end destination. And there are no ports more impressive than that of Porto Cervo, the first port of call for Captains sailing to this area. Here the pace of life is Italian but the amenities are very much Beverley Hills. Blending in with the locals involves the timeless promenading along the star studded streets lined with dazzling hotels, glitzy boutiques and some of the world’s best restaurants. Stopping every so often for a coffee (or something stronger in the evenings) sizing up the latest super yacht to grace the harbour.

But the Costa Smeralda does not define Sardinia. In fact the rest of Sardinia could be described as the polar opposite. Costa Smeralda has a mind of its own and goes about her daily life independently of the rest of the island. Whilst champagne and caviar swirl around the tables in Costa Smeralda, a few miles inland or a couple of hours over to the other side of the island, the tables will be laden with mama’s home cooking. Traditional dishes such as fregola pasta inspired by the Arabian couscous along with panade, a still-popular, rustic peasant dish of Sardinian bread filled with lamb and vegetables. And of course Sardinia’s best export; pecorino cheese. 

A patchwork landscape and culture imprinted by her numerous invaders of the past, Sardinia’s rugged inland and her dazzling coastline offers something for everyone. And does so year round. Being the largest of Italy’s Mediterranean islands and closer to the coast of North America than she is to Italy, the sunshine lingers longer here. May, June & October are great months to travel. August sees temperatures soaring and an influx of mainland Italians on their summer holidays. So best avoided if possible!


Top tips

  • Dine in La Sasima Restaurant, only a couple of miles north of Porto Cervo but once there you’ll feel a world away.
  • Barely signposted from San Pantaleo so make sure you have clear directions before you leave.
  • Swot up on super yachts. This will prove invaluable when sat sipping on your Tom Collins in Porto Cervo’s Yacht Club.
  • Take a daytrip on a boat – only then can you truly appreciate the stunning coastline.

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