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The second largest of Italy’s Mediterranean Islands, Sicily’s appearance may be raw and rugged but her character is most definitely polished and pristine. 

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The destination

The island is a crossroad of cultures. As an Italian territory with a past steeped in Greece, Sicily is the definition of Mediterranean. As you would expect of an Italian nation, the numerous hilltop villages and coastal communities ooze elegance and romance. The landscape is scattered with ancient ruins that have stood the test of time and nature’s elements to become today some of Europe’s best preserved examples of Ancient Greece. Staged against the cauldron of the impressive Mount Etna, a trip to Sicily promises to be cultural, culinary and contagious – you will want to go back, again and again.

Blessed with a long summer season, spring starts early and autumn stays on late. These months see glorious days of sunshine with mild climates, much warmer than in other parts of Italy. The evenings may be cooler but this provides the perfect opportunity to don a light jacket and head to one of the several bustling bars in Sicily’s capital, Palermo or in her second largest city, Catania and watch the sunset. Summer, though it brings much higher temperatures, coastal breezes help keep conditions bearable. And what better way to take the edge off with a refreshing Sicilian delicacy, limoncello – on ice. Emanating flavours of the island this popular aperitif showcases Sicily’s greatest export: Lemons. It is the perfect accompaniment to Sicily’s wide range of culinary delicacies. An embodiment of Sicily’s complex history, the cuisine displays the influences from many a civilization that once inhabited the land: Italian, Spanish, Greek and Arabic. Expect to find fresh pasta with seafood caught that morning alongside cinnamon and spice. Sicilians are certainly guilty of having a sweet tooth.

Luxury hotels, boutique bolt holes, hidden rugged beach coves, ancient ruins and upmarket promenades make Sicily a must see destination. And with easy drives between all four corners of the island, it would be a shame to limit yourself to just one place. Sicily is an island destined to be explored.


Top tips

  • See a sunset atop of an ancient ruin – Ortiga Island in Syracuse is one of our favourites.
  • Catch an open air classical play at the Greek Theatre, Sicily’s largest temple.
  • Visit the lesser known Aeolian Islands to the North-East of the island.
  • Leave your vitamin pills behind. Oranges are not in short supply.
  • Buy an ice-cream. You’re on Italian soil after all.
  • Rent a car.

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