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Tenerife offers the ideal destination for your multi-generational family holiday. No one will be left twiddling their thumbs here.

Luxury Tenerife Holidays


The destination

Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands, Spain’s archipelago just off the coast of North America that signals the outermost region of Europe, is a volcanic island boasting a plethora of flora & fauna that is a holidaymakers heaven. Heralded as Europe’s only remaining paradise isles, it has a stunning coastline of spectacular beaches that signal the meeting point of the mountainous, rugged heartland that cascades down towards the expansive, deep blue waters of the North Atlantic Ocean that encircle this majestic island.

Luxury Tenerife Holiday

Outwardly Spanish, the island and her inhabitants proudly display their heritage and culture. Once a poor region that flourished in the banana trade, today is a thriving economy with their wealth displayed in that of chic and stylish hotels and an outstanding natural beauty. In true Spanish form, the locals are friendly and welcome their guests with open arms. The pace of life is typically Mediterranean – ensure you allow plenty of time for lunch and dinners! There is certainly no rush on this island and why should there? After all the days here are long with plenty of sunshine hours so why bother rushing? Take your time to eat that freshly caught fish of the day or gentle meander up the third largest volcano, Mount Teide – there’s always ‘mañana, mañana’ for everything else.

Enjoying a year round climate of refreshingly mild winters and comfortably hot summers, Tenerife has quite rightly adopted the name of ‘Island of Eternal Spring’. Mount Teide acts as barrier that divides the climate of the island: Coastal locations benefit from the welcoming cooling effects from the sea thereby ensuring that whilst it might be punishingly hot during the months of July & August in the Northern part of the Island, on the southern shores you are able to bask in gloriously warm sunshine upon the numerous soft sandy beaches. A welcomed insight for parents who are looking to travel with small children. Combined with golf courses, mountain cycling trails, winding mountain roads, go carts, scuba-diving, sleepy villages housing local restaurants brimming with Spanish cuisine and flair. 


Top tips

  • Always choose the fish dish on the menu – it will have been freshly caught that morning.
  • Try scuba-diving. Go around the harbour wall in Puerto de la Cruz and you will be rewarded with fantastic volcanic rock formations.
  • Drive along the weaving roads that skirt the mountain up to the village of Masca – just make sure you pack the sickness pills for anyone who may need – let’s just say the Romans didn’t quite make it this far!
  • Bring your Spanish phrase book if you are travelling to the Northern part of the Island.

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