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Montana has natural wonders, lovely small towns, friendly people and generally life at a slower pace!

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Montana is untamed, wild and natural. It’s a place where a person can slow down and enjoy the grandeur of nature and the American West. With only one million residents spread out over more than 38-million hectares it is one of America’s greatest unspoiled treasures of beautiful lands and wildlife. With its mixes of modern and traditional cultures it is the ideal place to experience the history of the frontier and authentic small-town American life.

Often called the “Crown of the Continent”, north west Montana’s Glacier National Park is one of the most intact ecosystems anywhere in the earth’s temperate zone. More than 1,100 km of hiking trails and one spectacular drive across the continental divide on the 80-km Going-to-the-Sun Road offer glimpses of grizzly and black bears, moose, bighorn sheep, elk, mountain lions and other wildlife. 

Yellowstone National Park, is the world’s largest active volcano. Geysers, hot springs and other thermal features are surrounded by mountains, rivers, canyons and prairies that are home to one of the last remaining wild bison herds and two species of wolves in their natural environment. 

But the natural beauty of Montana is not just seen at the national parks. It stretches across the state, showing visitors who decide to venture off the beaten path with 24 mountain ranges, millions of hectares of public lands and wilderness preserves, alpine lakes, wide open plains, natural hot springs and famous fly-fishing streams. 

Home to a few small, sophisticated cities where beautiful surroundings have attracted adventurers, artists, writers, musicians and outdoorsmen for decades. Along the highways that cross the mountains and plains are tiny western towns that have changed so little over the years that arriving for a rodeo or festival can feel like stepping back in time. But whether visiting a town of 400 or a city of 40,000 one thing visitors are sure to find is truly friendly people who are willing to share their version of the good life through food, hospitality and the outdoors. 


Top tips

  • Take a classic road trip on highway 89 as it weaves its way through Montana's breathtaking scenery.
  • With over 700 miles of trails Glacier National Park is a hikers paradise!
  • Experience the world of grizzly bears and grey wolves at The Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Centre.

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