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A refreshing change from the big and bold of NYC; a quiet, tranquil oasis in the heart of Soho. A home away from home, but with better service.

Crosby Street

86 Rooms & Suites

Setting the scene

In the heart of vibrant Soho lies a hotel that moves to a more relaxed beat: Crosby Street. With its fresh contemporary design by interior designer Kit Kemp, the hustle and bustle than reigns outside doesn't get through the doors without an invitation. Here is a place where you can relax in the private leafy garden, lounge in the guest drawing room, host a movie night in the 99-seat screening room, or pump iron in the fully-equipped gym.


Light and spacious, the rooms all come with floor-to-ceiling, warehouse-style windows which open out onto the buzzing vibe of New York's Soho. Close the windows and you are firmly back into the relaxed and homely atmosphere of the room with its flat-screen TV and iPod docking station. Each designed by Kit Kemp, the rooms are light and airy with a contemporary design befitting the area.


Perhaps the last place you would expect to find a restaurant that serves meals made with freshly-picked seasonal produce such as melons, tomatoes and herbs, but in the Rooftop Kitchen Garden that's exactly what happens. Managed by hotel chef Anthony Paris, this unique oasis in the heart of Soho provides these seasonal delights all year round in the Crosby Bar where food is served all day. There is even a Tudor-style chicken coop housing 4 Araucana chickens who produce unique pale blue eggs, which you may be lucky enough to have for breakfast!


Outside the protective walls of Crosby Street lies exciting, vibrant Soho where anything is possible. If you've already done all that then stay in and watch a movie with some friends in the 99-seat screening room. Enjoy afternoon tea, but not just in the afternoon. Pamper yourself with Soholistic Body and Beauty treatments. Or just eat, drink and be merry in any of the three guest areas - the drawing room, sculpture garden or terrace.


Children are welcome at Crosby Street.


The nearest airports to Crosby Street are La Guardia and JFK.



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