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Not a fleeting visit destination, we advise allowing at least a fortnight to truly capture the heart of this region. 

Luxury tailor-made holidays | Utah, Wyoming & Colorado


The destination

Two of America’s most sparsely populated states, what Utah & Wyoming may lack in population they more than make up for in an abundance of rugged and raw landscapes. Utah alone is home to more than 5 national parks, 43 state parks, 6 national forests, and 12 ski areas as well as more mountains, canyons, deserts and valleys to overwhelm even the most intrepid of traveller. A holiday to this corner of the States is to return to nature and be bowled over by the beauty that still remains refreshingly untouched in this our modern day era.

Vivid, splendid and individual are characteristics synonymous with this South-Western region of the United States of America. And without wishing to be accused of stereotyping, you can’t mention Utah & Wyoming without paying tribute to their trademark ‘Wild West’ ways and their coveted cowboys. The location for many a Wild Westerner movie, you simply won’t be able to ignore the desire to make like Clint Eastwood and take to this dramatic environment on horseback. Dive deep into the dramatic canyons of Zion National Park. Or wade through the tranquil shores of Lake Powell. The scenery may be the most spectacular you’ve ever seen, but we guarantee that the childhood memories that will flood to the forefront will make even the steeliest of minds fall in love with this area.

But if four legged friends are not your cup of tea, fear not. The wealth of adventure is just as rewarding on board four wheels, two wheels, two feet or even no feet at all upon a boat. Monument Valley, Arches National Park, Deer Valley, Bryce Canyon are all waiting to be discovered, luring in her visitors with promises of unspoiled, untamed boundless beauty like nowhere else on earth.

And should you tire of the rocky Wild West, the metropolis of Salt Lake City is never far away. Offering a cultural contrast to her landscape, Salt Lake City is the capital of Utah and the gateway to the plethora of ski resorts in this area. Ensuring that the states of Utah & Wyoming will keep the adventurous traveller and families alike occupied for a lifetime. 


Top tips

  • Hire a 4x4. This landscape, though spectacular, can be unforgiving to your standard road car.
  • Bring your Stetson.
  • Have a go at hunting. This area is famed for its hunting opportunities. Here it is more a way of life than a recognised ‘sport’.
  • September hosts Utah’s famous State Fair which witnesses the best cowboys and cowgirls taking part in their deep rooted traditional Rodeo.
  • Eat steak. And lots of it. You’ll never taste a better one anywhere else in the world!

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