Far from the Med-ing Crowd

18 February 2014

Far from the Med-ing Crowd

Ibiza is one of our most popular Summer destinations for all of the obvious reasons – but for those who want to find a peaceful spot away from the Mediterranean madness, try one of our top five hidden beach gems:

Cala Tarida might not be an obvious choice for ‘hidden’ beaches, but away from the sprawling tourist hotels that encircle the white sands of Cala Tarida there are several tiny little coves, one of which can be enjoyed only by those willing to get their feet wet. The beaches of this area are picture-postcard locations with perfect southerly aspects, these beaches are picture-postcard locations where pure unpolluted waters reflect the sun. Given the popularity of these spots, they still seem a world away from the crowded main beach in high summer.

Cala Llentrisca is a place that invites repose and reflection, with only the fishing boats bobbing far out to sea offering much in the way of distraction. In the middle of the crescent-shaped Cala Llentrisca, sits a rickety old timber jetty protruding out into the bay that makes a perfect diving platform. This slim stretch of beach can be enjoyed in full sunshine until late in the afternoon and will often be deserted. The waters here are so blue that they colour the sand and sea grass with a subtle fluorescence, the perfect spot to spend a lazy Ibizan day before returning to yet another stunning location of Can Spectra with breath-taking views and an endless horizon.

Ibiza's natural beauty is present in all its glory at the perfect teardrop-shaped beach of Es Portixol. The shore is dramatically sliced from the cliffs to form a natural harbour of translucent azure water. A rickety, precarious path leads you to this tiny stretch of protected shoreline which adds to the thrill of the location. It is usually only fishermen who frequent this peaceful sanctuary, and the adventurous traveller, willing to walk to find picturesque corners.

Cala Llarga is the most southerly beach on Ibiza, and one of the most perfectly formed. Pine trees and sea grass almost touch the sea, whilst rocks surround the edge, providing excellent diving opportunities. Secret and secluded, this is a beach where one can truly get away from the livelier side of Ibiza.

Agua Blanca has a popular tourist beach but also has a significantly less well-known secondary beach, which requires some chest high wading or even swimming to get there. This is a particularly calm and peaceful place, where the sound of waves drumming into miniature caves will lull you into a peaceful siesta. Just make sure you save enough energy for that watery stroll to the chiringuito for lunch or cocktails before heading home to one of our most exclusive and secluded properties on the island – Bluebay. This fantastic villa is situated on a magnificent cliff on the East Coast of Ibiza, with direct access to the open sea with some of Ibizas best secluded beaches are just a few minutes drive along a quiet coastal country road. 

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