Greek food for thought

27 February 2013

Greek food for thought

Being food lovers - and proud! - we are delighted to confirm that 2013 is officially celebrated as the Year of Gastronomy in Santorini, so this year the island will be full of celebrations of delicious Santorini food.

The locals have rolled up their sleeves and have set out to present their traditional products in any way they can think of, from cooking classes to presentations of local produce, and from variations on traditional recipes to visiting the fields. This Summer, Santorini will offer an insider's view of her kitchen.

So if you feel that the beautiful weather, romantic sunsets, and breathtaking scenery isn't enough of an excuse to visit this stunning island, then why not go in celebration for its gastronomy and sample one of the island's delicacies of deep fried tomatoes while you're there!

And the good news doesn't end there; we have the perfect base - Santorini VV - to whet your appetite further. The property is moulded into the volcanic rock so the bedrooms are cool and airy during the day, and dark and very quiet during the night. The property can accommodate up to ten people, and starts at just €12,500.00 per week for exclusive use… so what are you waiting for - call us on +44 1993 899 430 or make an enquiry to find out more.