Ibiza delicacies

18 June 2014

Ibiza delicacies

Following a recent visit to Ibiza I thought it only fair to share my culinary experiences and tips - the only problem being where to start!

The island is crammed with cafes, restaurants and bars offering not only local cuisine but also international delights good enough to make your mouth water. Below is a brief insight into what is not to be missed during a visit to the white isle - more of a checklist in fact!

Sangria - the obvious Spanish choice - varies depending on the creator. The ingredients consist of wine with added spirits, chopped fruit and liqueurs. Red Wine Sangria usually contains apples and oranges whilst White Wine Sangria or Chamapagne Sangria will more than likely have pears, apple, banana etc.

A very typical Ibizan drink which has been made on the island for over 200 years is the Hierbas Ibicencas. Said to be good for digestion, this aniseed flavoured drink is best served on ice.

The cooling Granizados is made up of fresh fruit juices with crushed ice - a perfect refreshment for those long Ibizan days.

In terms of food - the local fish and seafood sourced straight from the sea is not to be missed. Firm favourites on the local menus include Bacalao (Cod), Merluza (Hake), Emperador (Swordfish), and Mero (Grouper), Gambas (Prawns) and Calamares (Squid) just to name a few. 

Last but by no means least is the Paella - well you can't visit a Spanish island and not eat a Paella!? This spectacular traditional dish of saffron rice. meats and seafood, slow cooked in their own juices really is a taste of Spain. 

Finish the above with a delicious home cooked Flao (a local cheesecake made with herbs and honey) and you'll soon be back for more!

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