Iniala - New Luxury Villas in Phuket, Thailand

23 December 2013

Iniala - New Luxury Villas in Phuket, Thailand

There’s only one word for it…’wow’!

Iniala is a brand new and totally unique group of villas in Natai Beach, Thailand…a peaceful and beautiful stretch of coastline, but with the convenience of being just 20 minutes from the international airport at Phuket. It is very hard to know where to start when trying to describe Iniala, and this is certainly something very different to pretty much every villa that we have ever seen – and here at OS Private Travel we have seen a lot of villas! Each villa can be either rented separately (3 bedrooms in each, apart from the

Iniala blends together some of the best, and most innovative, designers in the world, along with a seriously impressive approach to gastronomy and spa, with a surprising philanthropic twist, and all served up on one of the most beautiful beaches in South East Asia. Each of the 3 villas and 1 penthouse at Iniala are totally different to each other – each of them having been conceived and designed by a different designer – handpicked from all over the world by Iniaia’s inspirational owner, Mark Weingard. So although Iniala has been designed to be a functional, comfortable and luxurious experience, staying in any of these villas can be likened to staying in your own personal art gallery. From a spa room that feels like you are stepping into the inside of a Thai temple bell, to the Penthouse, where the entire floor is a sculpture that melts beneath your feet as you walk on it, each residence is breath-taking and like no other villa or hotel experience in the world.

And service is taken to another level at Iniala – your villa comes with its own chef and butler – who are there to literally cater to your every whim – either culinary,or whatever your heart desires! – but you also have your won spa therapist to help you to make the most of the personal spa in your villa.

Weingard has bought together some of the best chefs and sommeliers in the world, so if you tire of your personalised menu and private chef, and meals served to you with a flourish either in your own villa or on the beach, you can step into Aziamendi, the fine dining restaurant situation within the grounds of Iniala, where you can experience Eneko Atxa’s taster menu. And as he has 3 Michelin stars to his name, it is unlikely that you will be disappointed, and according to Weingard, it is here that you will find ‘the best and biggest kitchen in Asia’!

And if this level of opulence, luxury and aestheticism all sounds very grown-up, think again, as Iniala caters for its younger visitors like no other – with a separate ‘kids hotel’ that means that parents certainly don’t have to compromise their own holiday in any way for children to have just as special an experience. This specially designed space is intended for children to play, eat and sleep in, whilst their parents relax…and everything is geared around a very special experience. So whilst their parents are sleeping in a bed which is actually a sculpture suspended from the ceiling, their children can sleep in ‘treehouses’ and ‘caves’!

The fact that Weingard has his own children is evident – it’s not just how Iniala has been designed as a great environment for children, but it’s a total experience for them that they will remember always. A full time childcare staff is on hand, and each child will receive a personal copy of the Island of Iniala book,
which contains a story that the children get to act out and experience during their stay. Each chapter of the book will be read around the ‘campfire’ during the evening and the following day’s activities will see the children act out parts of the story.

Other facilities include a space-age gym, complete with original Andy Warhols on the wall (and some of the best gym staff in Asia) to inspire you….but, to be honest, the whole of Iniala is pretty inspiring on every level.