My-konian Travels

12 June 2013

My-konian Travels

Having just returned from Mykonos I think it is safe to say I am absolutely smitten with the island. It is diverse, offers plenty of activities, is easy to get around, the locals are friendly, and is the perfect size to ensure nothing is more than 20 minutes drive away.

The island has a fantastic 'energy' as a result of the geology and climate. Outside of the capital Chora there are very few densely populated areas and the cubic properties are scattered on the hillside. In some areas there are some dense holiday resorts, although due to the strict building regulations, this is done in a very low-key and fantastically sympathetic way.

What's more, I love its 'windy' reputation, which adds to the energy of the place - and is key in cooling the island from the intense sunshine. Furthermore, because of the gusts, there are very few trees in the landscape, so this, together with the rocks and boulders strewn across the terrain, result in a fantastic energetic buzz to the island.

During my 36 hours on Mykonos I was lucky enough to visit around ten properties -villas that are both live on our website and some that feature in our hidden portfolio. The fantastic Pelikanos, located above the desirable Super Paradise beach is the perfect entertaining property, with a large pool and terrace, complete with barbeque and pizza oven, in true Mediterranean style. Interiors and furnishings are all to the highest of standard with 180-degree views of sparkling waters of the Aegean the prettiest piece of art you could wish for.

For more information on this spectacular property, along with some upcoming website additions (more information to follow!) make an enquiry or call +44 1993 899 430 to find out more and speak to your very own Greek expert!