Necker Island - Restoration complete

08 October 2013

Necker Island - Restoration complete

Last week Di and I went along to a road-show put on by the lovely people at The British Virgin Islands Tourist Board. Although Di has had the pleasure of visiting these incredible islands, I haven’t and I must say I was thoroughly impressed, not only by the beauty of the islands and quality of accomodation, but by the unique way in which the different hotels and resorts work together to promote and encourage tourism to the islands. I learnt a lot and I cant wait until I am also able to visit!

Among the speakers of the evening were our friends at Virgin Limited Edition who shared with us the fabulous news that the restoration of The Great House on Necker Island is now complete.

In August 2011 The Great House was very sadly destroyed by a fire, which was caused when a bolt of lightening struck The Great House’s main room, whilst Tropical Storm (soon to be hurricane) Irene was building momentum over the island. Thanks to the quick thinking of those on the island at the time everyone sleeping in The Great House made it to safety. Sadly the house was reduced to little more than ruins.

The Great House has been lovingly restored over the last 2 years and at first glance visitors will think that not much has changed, however appearances can be deceptive! When Di was on Necker Island back in January she had the pleasure of donning a rather fetching hard hat and getting a sneak preview of the work that was taking place. Even then she could see just how magnificent the new Great House was going to be.

It is actually considerably larger than the one it replaces, with more spacious guest bedrooms, a two-tier southern terrace, and the main indoor table will seat up to 40 people. The crow’s nest on the roof will be expanded with space for intimate private dining and there will also be a cosy two-person Jacuzzi!

Richard Branson was quoted shortly after the fire – ‘we’ll create something even more special out of the ruins’ and we can’t wait to share it with you all. – This couldn't be anymore true. It looks incredible and guests are certainly going to be wowed when they see it.

The island is this week hosting one of its now infamous Celebration Weeks’ which if you don't fancy hiring the entire island, this is a great opportunity to enjoy a stay on the island and mix with other guests. During Celebration Weeks there's no particular schedule, and you can do as little or as much as you like. Rates start from $27,475 for a seven night stay for two people. Your stay includes Balinese-style accommodation, all your meals and drinks (even fine champagne!), endless activities and sports, plus a team of 60 wonderful staff.

In the image above you can see the newly resorted main room of The Great House. Take a look at our website; to see the full range of new images of the restoration of The Great House.

If you are interested in finding out more about staying on Necker, or indeed any of the beautiful British Virgin Islands then get in touch with us today. Call;00 44 1993 899 430 - alternatively you can contact us via our website;