Soller Train

22 October 2012

Soller Train

Set within an orange scented valley, the Sóller tram system nestles within the tree coloured landscape of Mallorca. From the capital, Palma, the first of two locomotives transports tourists and islanders 27 kilometres through tunnels and over mountains. Sixty minutes later, the second takes you down to the seafront at Puerto de Sóller, a charming seaside resort.

The tram is definitely our favourite method of transport, it travels straight through the middle of the beautiful scenery, showcasing the spectacular views, before heading to the harbour where it wraps itself around the large, relaxed bay - the best way to see Mallorca by miles!    

Another of our favourite Mallorcan aspects can be found at Casa Faro. The property boasts large terraces that offer a spectacular 180 degree view of the sea and Port de Sóller, and with a couple of notable new hotels there opening recently, it's very much 'the' place to be right now.

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