The best way to see the magical Maldives

17 December 2012

The best way to see the magical Maldives

Although Sailing Yachts have a charm and attraction of their own, there is something slightly 'Bond-like' that only a sleek, fast power yacht can offer! Along with a full complement of crew (even including your own private Dive Instructor), state of the art entertainment facilities, super-stylish interiors and spacious, comfortable cabins that rival any hotel room in the world, this is the epitome of luxury experiences.

However, when you add the spectacular surroundings of the Maldives to this very special on-board experience, you really do have the ultimate holiday combination.

The Maldives needs no introduction - a stunning archipelago is 1,192 islands, you will find some of the most beautiful beaches, crystal clear seas and world-class diving here. And we believe that your own floating hotel with a different view every hour - let alone every day - really does offer the best way to truly experience these magnificent islands. You have no set itinerary and you're free to race, or cruise slowly, from deserted island, to isolated sand bar, to spectacular reef, to glass-like lagoon to coral garden. And whilst doing so, enjoy the world-class service and cuisine aboard your yacht - surely this really is the best of both worlds?!

Call us or make an enquiry to find out more about, what we think, really is the best way to experience the Magical Maldives.