Top Dog – National Sausage week

01 November 2012

Top Dog – National Sausage week

It's National Sausage week here in the U.K and to celebrate we're trying to decide who is the chipolata champ, or the 'wurst' of the lot. So as part of our investigations we are sampling the Italian counterpart - the Salami.

For all you sausage lovers out there, you'll be interested to know that the Italian Salami is not one specific sausage; it is a generic term describing any type of encased meat product. Wherever Italian settlers went, so did their sausage traditions, and here we embrace the Salame di Felino - originating from the food rich region around Palma. 

And where better to enjoy this dry aged sausage than Northern Italy itself? One of our Italian properties, Villa dell'Orto, is the perfect property to absorb the local culture and food fairs (sagre) at their weekly markets which are often hosted by the small picturesque villages that surround the villa. You can discover Tuscany and the genuine Italian lifestyle, with its unique flavours, natural beauty and artistic legacy, during your unforgettable holiday in one of Italy's most beloved regions.

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