Towering above the rest

16 November 2012

Towering above the rest

Catalunya, in the North Eastern corner of Spain, is not just about the cosmopolitan Costa Brava, the sumptuous escudellla stew, and the distinctive Gothic Architect Antoni Gaudi - this is just the start! Catalunya has its own unique character which sets it apart from the rest of the Iberian Peninsula. It's an autonomous region with its own language, Catalan, and a fierce sense of camaraderie among the local population.

This brotherhood was demonstrated at the 24th annual castells competition in Tarragona. A Catalan tradition, believed to date to the 18th century, consisting of human towers of up to 10 people-storeys high, usually with a small child placed on top. This is a great spectator event, with several hundreds of people filling the streets to witness the towering achievement.

Talking of towers, we are pleased to present one of our freshest properties - Toure Roure, which nestles amongst the Gavarre Hills in Catalunya. The Torre Roure estate comprises of a large traditional Catalan masia and smaller modernista Tower designed by a pupil of Gaudi. The property is set in 20 acres of olive grove and landscaped gardens 7 miles from the sea.

So why not make like Rapunzel and stay in your very own Tower from €8,250.00 per week, call us on +44 1993 899 430 or for more information this property, and many more.