Viva la fiesta!

31 July 2012

Viva la fiesta!

Like their brothers on the mainland, all Mallorcan's love a good fiesta - so much so that they find an excuse to have one on the island almost every week of the year! Whilst they're mainly held in honour of a saint's day or historical event, fiestas are also put on for the wackiest of reasons. In February, a fiesta is held to ward off sore throats and in September locals turn out in their thousands to celebrate the fiesta of melons. There is even a festival devoted to the islander's love of black pudding and sausages!

Choose Mallorca for your holiday and expect to enjoy a culture filled fiesta experience at any time of the year. Suitable for all the family, the festivities often include anything from food and wine exhibitions, to horseshows, colourful processions, and LOTS of dancing! 

In Pollenca, the five day Moors & Christians fiesta is in full swing as I write. This celebrates the Christian's victory over the Moors and is colourful and noisy with mock battles re-enacting the triumphs of the army. Come to Mallorca at the end of August and try some devil-dancing in Montuiri -one of the oldest festivals going!

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