The Personal Touch

25 November 2014

The Personal Touch

For the team here at Oxford Private Travel, holidays are the stuff of necessity rather than dreams, and like you only one holiday a year just won’t cut it! However when we need to plan our annual holidays around the kids school dates, Christmas, Easter and other special occasions it can get tricky. It also can take a lot of your time and effort, and we know how hard you work and how little time you have, so we also know that you don't want to spend hours trawling through the internet to get it all organised!

If this all sounds too familiar then be assured to know that we are here to help! It is also the reason why majority of our clients use us as their personal travel PA’s, as they know that we can help them to plan their vacation time with minimum effort or precious time required from them. They know we know their likes and dislikes, the kid’s dates of birth and their dietary requirements. They also know that if we come across a fab new hotel or villa that we know they will love, we will call them to tell them about it - whether they are currently looking for a holiday or not. It’s that continuous service we love to provide and building good relationships helps us to help them.

We also don't like to just meet expectations; we prefer to exceed them and once we have planned the perfect holiday it doesn't just stop there. We all have our (not so) little black books of contacts, ideas and recommendations that we have collected from our own travels to the destinations, hotels and villas that we have in our portfolio so we can truly and genuinely enhance your holiday with treats, knowledge and little extras that come from our own first hand experience.

We do this because travel is as much our passion as it yours, so we will never charge you a fee for our help and we are not a ‘secret’ club, or running an elitist membership! We believe that everyone should be made to feel special and experience great service when planning their most precious purchase.

Give us a call on +44 1993 899430 to speak to an expert, or make an enquiry.