Awesome Anguilla!

13 July 2015

Awesome Anguilla!

Having just returned back from a trip to the stunning little island of Anguilla, in the Caribbean - I can safely say that I am a huge fan of this hidden gem of a destination. Yes, ours is a job that certainly has its perks!

Spanning only 16 miles long and 3 miles wide and a population of approximately 13,000, Anguilla is among the smallest of the inhabited islands in the West Indies. The island itself is known for its wonderful cuisine and there are comfortably over a hundred restaurants in total! Having been fortunate enough to test out a good few of them, I can reliably inform you that authenticity, charming service and high quality food are all on the menu, and if you are a lover of seafood then well - you may never want to leave! One more thing thing to note about the island, is the incredible friendliness of the people, given the size of the island everyone seems to know everyone and there is a real community feel throughout which I found incredibly refreshing, the locals here are just only too pleased to show off what they so proudly call home.

The reasons for the trip was to view villas and hotels and experience the island in all its glory. The weather was kind, not dipping below 30 degrees and a pleasant breeze accompanied us throughout which us English were very thankful of! We visited an array of villas and spent the first two nights at the outstanding Le Bleu villa where were hosted by the owners and staff perfectly - needless to say the villa is as deluxe as it gets and if you are a large group celebrating a special occasion then look no further.

The two hotels that stand out from the crowd are Malliouhana and Viceroy. Staring each down from opposing ends of Meads Bay, they both sit handsomely peering over the turquoise ocean. The Viceroy is a contemporary, chic and flawless hotel; its crisp designs, clean cut nature and mesmerising decor lure in the most discerning of traveller, with DJ sets on a Friday night and the sunset lounge being the hub - creating a buzzy atmosphere and chilled out vibe. If you're after quintessential Caribbean then you wont find that here but if you are after style, class and a bit of glamour then you have landed on your feet!

Malliouhana is of contrasting style to the Viceroy and much smaller in size, just 44 rooms. It has a boutique and more intimate feel about it and has just benefited from 18 months of closure for refurbishment and only re-opened in 2014. The renovation has restored the glory of former years and put Malliouhana right back on the map. I particularly loved the bright and airy feel, the yellows, whites and light blues perfectly compliment the vista of white sand beaches, pristine ocean and manicured gardens. We dined overlooking Meads Bay and the food was divine and the service matching - are you sensing a developing theme?!

Getting to Anguilla is perfectly accessible, with various options at your disposal so don't be put off by the indirect nature of the journey, it just adds to the experience! Anguilla comes highly recommended from me and it would be impossible to exaggerate the quality of the beaches - they really are unbeatable. So combine this with the impeccable and vast dining options, seriously good accommodation, friendly locals and year round sunshine then what are you waiting for?! Give us a call on +44 (0)1993 899430 to start the ball rolling on that once in a lifetime visit to paradise.