A Balinese Adventure - Is It For You?

08 September 2016

A Balinese Adventure - Is It For You?

Experience the life of an Indonesian adventurer; with ever changing views, evenings spent star gazing nestled round a roaring fire and swaying palm trees, diving and snorkeling to witness the abundant aquatic life and finally to bed - rocked by the gentle roll of the ocean. This might sound like the stuff of a great travel novel but there are a handful of specialist yachts that can help you live out this tropical sea safari like no other. See Bali and many other Indonesian Islands in a completely different light, through sailor, sorry, tailor-made itineraries.


Sea Safari on Luxury Holidays

With a sea safari on a yacht like Tiger Blue (pictured above) you can experience a true sense of freedom to explore the unknown, delving deep into tropical wilderness in order to capture Indonesian flora and fauna at its finest and witness nature’s most dramatic displays, with only your family or group of friends to share the magic. Swim alongside a volcano through cold then warm water as you pass by the underwater vents or watch the magnificent spectacle of a dawn mating display of the rare red bird of paradise having hiked before sunrise to find its whereabouts.


On a sea safari one can expect only the very best of produce selected for your every meal; the Indonesian chefs source the best beef from Australia, smoked salmon from Tasmania and fruit and vegetables locally. Picture evenings sharing adventures, lulled by the rhythm of the waves, cocktail in hand, birds on dusk flight over the horizon and the mouthwatering wafts of your supper being prepared for you on deck. It is a rarity not to experience a blazing sunset of rainbow colours here, and adorning the skies it only adds to your unique backdrop, while you enjoy a combination of Asian and Western cuisine and your chatter drifts through a calm tropical night. 

Whilst your sea safari is about discovering splendid hidden nature and sugary white secret beaches, it is also about the water; either being in it, scuba diving or snorkeling, or on it kayaking, wake boarding, surfing and fishing. Swim with emperor fish, Napolean wrasse, groupers, the odd stingray, a huge array of other colourful fish and even the magnificent manta rays.


If it is culture you are interested in, you can book to visit the traditional ikat-weaving communities and observe the artisans producing organic vegetable dyes and using handlooms to create their colourful patterned textiles. Listen to traditional songs and chants and then enter into the spirit of the occasion, as you are welcomed to join in the lego-lego dance, which celebrates unity, brotherhood and happiness. A great message to leave with; salty hair, sandy toes, sun kissed faces and a heart full of memories.

If you fancy yourself as a Balinese adventurer, give us a call on 01993 899 430 or enquire here.