Places We Would Travel To For The Food Alone

14 September 2016

Places We Would Travel To For The Food Alone

Photo: Big Sur Bakery

Have you ever eaten at a restaurant, hotel or cafe abroad where the food was so utterly mind blowing that you would buy a whole new flight just to relive that moment again? Or perhaps, slightly more rationally, rearrange another luxury holiday at that same destination as an excuse to return? Here at Oxford Private Travel we’ve experienced this phenomena on a number of occasions and as some of our favourites are slightly hidden under the foodie radar, we want to let you in on our secret list.



For the ultimate chic yet artisan breakfast experience, Marmalade Malibu will delight even the most superior breakfast connoisseurs’ standards. With a desire to “serve fresh, high quality, eclectic California inspired food for busy Angelenos”, Marmalade is the place to go for your most important meal of the day, whether before work, grabbing a takeway or after a surf session, this is the place to eat. We suggest the Berry and Banana smothered French Toast with a Double Cappuccino.



Big Sur Bakery allows you to ‘slow down’. Famous for feeding weary travellers with exceptional homegrown food, at once one feels like settling in for longer than planned in this 1930’s converted ranch. Located on the 90 mile ‘Big Sur Highway’ the restaurant aims to reflect the dramatic beauty and ruggedness of the coastline in their culture and therefore their food. Aim to drive the highway at dawn for a magnificent sunrise then stop off at BSB for muffins that will make you think twice about ever eating another muffin again – yes they were that good and still warm as you slice into them… heaven.

British Virgin Islands

Coconut French Toast 1.jpg

For laid back Caribbean charm, Miss Jean Kelly’s addictive coconut-crusted French toast (with bananas and pancake syrup) at Tradewinds restaurant on Peter Island would be the reason to make the long journey all the way back to the BVI. Sit back and relax with a view to die for and a breakfast that combines the local traditions with classic breakfast treats; waffles with pineapple, Dark Rum and salted caramel… could you get anymore sumptuously naughty at 9am? We’re sold. Stay in the Crow’s Nest on the island for sheer luxury subtly combined with privacy, 4 en suite bedrooms, infinity pool and stunning panoramic views from all verandas. 

We've also a range of other private islands across the British Virgin Islands offering amazing food, and unique experiences. 




With three Michelin stars Eleven Madison Park is a fine dining experience that we would cross-continents to repeat again… and again, and again. A seasonal 7-9 tasting menu includes clever, innovative, and even whimsical cooking, however you are only presented with a menu at the end of the meal – the waiter merely asks your dietary needs at the start. This air of mystery adds to the anticipation of the delicate at points, but robust at others’, flavours and concepts that genius/chef Daniel Humm continuously dreams up. Then find a relaxing haven amongst the hustle and bustle of New York at Crosby Street, with it’s own private leafy garden and light, spacious rooms; all come with floor-to-ceiling, warehouse-style windows which open out onto the buzzing vibe of New York's Soho.



Photo (cropped): Jun Seita 

And finally… a specific recommendation is not necessary for this fun and vibrant city. We would choose to return to Barcelona any day just to wander down labyrinthine streets in search of crisp white wine, jamon and panne con tomate. The Spanish culture of tapas (or pinchos) means sampling a large range of exquisite Barcelona traditions; sharing with friends or family is the only way to really experience the true Spanish culture. As an aside, it’s considered the route of the tapas culture comes from the Spanish ‘tapa’ which means lid; a small slice of bread with cured meat would cover the wine glass to protect it from flies or other such nasties. Who knew!?

If we have managed to tantalise your tastebuds, give us a call on 01993 899 430 or enquire here for advice on the best destinations for a luxury foodie traveller.