8 Reasons To Head To Paris In Autumn

29 September 2016

8 Reasons To Head To Paris In Autumn

Ahhh Paris, if only we could click our fingers and be there to bask in the autumnal colours, folly in the festivities and people watch from a café nestled in a wide boulevard, a velvety café au lait in one hand and a buttery, flakey croissant in the other. Insert dreamy *sigh* here. But you can, and we thought it’s the season to inspire an autumnal weekend skip to the center of culture and culinary dreams. Just in case you needed more persuasion, here are our top 8 reasons to go on a luxury holiday to Paris in Authum…

1. Less Crowded in autumn. This seems like an obvious observation but it’s a very important starting point. At this time of year Paris is only really filled with Parisians, having returned from the coastal summer residences, living their normal city lives and there are much fewer tourists to battle with at the all important monuments and museums.

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2. Cultural Hub. Get your cultural fix; packing in art, philosophy, architecture and language during your stay. Saunter down the Seine sidewalks to the Notre Dame, savouring its grandeur and peace, jump on a Batobus to the Musee D'Orsay’s breath taking art and meander through the myriad collections and exhibitions (running from 27th Sept- 15th Jan, see the ‘The Spectacular Second Empire, 1852-1870’ exhibition). Finally head to a lesser-known attraction in Paris; the house and gardens of the sculptor Rodin for an intimate understanding of his life and work, there you’ll find calm and tranquillity browsing his art and wandering through the quintessential Parisian gardens at their most colourful.

shutterstock_316978307.jpg3. Scenery. One could quite happily not even enter a museum or church and still manage to feel immersed in the stunning scenery that this glorious city has to offer. With cobbled streets, high end boutiques, ultra chic Parisians to watch (they are much fewer and far between in the height of Summer!), fascinating architecture round every bend and history to be found just by looking and reading little signs, you’ll sense the beauty just from wandering gently about the city without even trying. Continuing with the stunning scenery, check in to the Mandarin Oriental for sophisticated luxury, an excellent location and a spa to relax in when your feet are tired of much walking and shopping.


4. Enjoy the gardens. Paris in high summer can sometimes feel claustrophobic and a little hot and sticky; in this weather even the gardens of the city might not offer respite. However in the balmy autumnal weather Paris enjoys, you should be able to fully embrace the beauty and design of these handsome gardens. There are many to choose from but Parc Monceau and Palais-Royal Gardens are definitely not to be missed.

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5. Romantic. Yes, we had to add romance to our list; the French are incredibly romantic as a nation and this rubs off on all tourists whether you planned for it or not! From drinks locations that look like they should be in a film set, to French couples canoodling on bridges and park benches, the city oozes amorous behaviour and delight. Why not continue the romantic theme by staying in Le Bristol, traditionally French and unashamedly grand, eat in either of their two Michelin starred restaurants to end off an amazing day in the city!

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6. The Salon du Chocolat. From 28th October - 1st November experience the Chocolate Festival of Paris. This festival is now in its 22nd year, with hundreds of demonstrators and chefs, all exhibiting their skills and knowledge about the most beloved of foods. Learn, laugh and fall in love with chocolate all over again in a city so important to its history.

7. Cemetery of Père Lachaise. This cemetery is beautiful in autumn to walk around as the leaves turn to auburn oranges and hues of gold. It is the largest open green space in Paris and the most visited cemetery in the world. In amongst its most famous burial sites you’ll find Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison, Chopin, Moliere, Pissarro and Édith Piaf.

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8. Outdoor dining. During these autumnal months terrace heaters are often lit so you can enjoy the scenery without having to move inside the restaurants themselves yet. Soak up the true French lifestyle whilst elongating the pleasure of eating outdoors for a few more weeks before the chill of winter sets in! Hot chocolate is supposed to be the drink of choice (perhaps laced with a little Cointreau if you fancy it?!

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