Double thumbs up for ‘Paws Up’ & a wild Montana adventure

06 October 2016

Double thumbs up for ‘Paws Up’ & a wild Montana adventure

Paws Up is a difficult holiday resort to put into a box. It offers 5* luxury and every mod con available but it’s in the middle of the Montana Rockies; you might find yourself glamping in a safari style tent on the banks of the iconic Blackfoot River or learning how to be a cowboy with a cattle drive on the working ranch but you will always be able to finish your day off with a hot bath and a glass of champagne!


The new direct flight from Heathrow to Salt Lake City with Delta Airlines immediately makes this trip much simpler in terms of getting there, but once you are there, it will feel incredibly hard to leave! What Paws Up have got spot on is managing the perfect balance of offering utter comfort and indulgence whilst getting up close and personal with the awesome nature that Montana is so famous for.

Mountains 2.jpg

Choose to stay in one of their ranch houses that are large enough for families or groups, or choose a smaller, cosier house (imagine ideal, remote honeymoon destination) with a plethora of amenities, including kitchens, hot tubs, personal transportation, flat-screen televisions, Wi-Fi, laundry facilities and much more.


Or for an ‘Out of Africa’ Meryl Streep experience head for an ultra lux static tent; with all tents you will find fine linens, chic rustic furnishings, art-adorned walls, electricity, air conditioning, heating and, most importantly, a camping butler at your beck and call.


The next serious selling point of Paws Up is its varied and extensive list of memory making activities on offer, for all ages there will be something to tantalise, exhilarate and charm. From fly-fishing on the famous Blackfoot River (think Brad Pitt on ‘A River Runs Through It’, which was filmed here) clay pigeon shooting, riding out on horses into the wilderness, to gliding down the river on floats followed by a horse and carriage ride with champagne!

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There are instructors on stand by if you’d like tuition in one of the sports, and they have The Kids Corps of Discovery, which is an immersion program that replaces screen time with serene time for tots to teenagers. With age appropriate activities, delicious healthy food and the opportunity to make lasting friendships your children will think Paws Up is heaven on earth; the taste of freedom and challenging activities will help them discover new aspects of their character and teach them how to push themselves out of their comfort zone in a safe and structured environment.


Finally, it is worth mentioning the Paws Up passionate philosophy for food that they follow. The chef Ben Jones aims to delight and impress with locally sourced produce; he describes that you will be “within a community of great chefs, pit masters, smokeologists, mushroom foragers, vintners, local distillers, pie whisperers and organic co-op farmers”. This seems like a pretty comprehensive list when we’re talking food for your holiday.

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If you are looking for a holiday with your family or friends that will not only give you a deep sense of relaxation, of space, comfort and sophistication, but also experiences and activities that will leave you with memories together that will become legendary in your history together, then this is it. And it's open all-year-round!

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Please call us on 01993 899 430 or contact us here if you are interested in learning more about this exceptionally unique style of holiday.