Top 10 Packing Tips for a Family Holiday

13 October 2016

Top 10 Packing Tips for a Family Holiday

Packing and planning for a family holiday can seem slightly daunting and arduous, but because we know how very important and worthwhile a family holiday is, we thought we’d help you out with the bit that never seems that appealing… the bit before the holiday begins… 

1. Write a list a few weeks prior to the holiday, in order to allow yourself time to mull over the items that are needed, or actually, superfluous.

2. Try and buy all items needed in the few weeks before, to avoid a mad dash to the pharmacist in the airport, or worse, once you’re at your holiday destination (think language barrier and being handed types of creams you would not necessarily want to be popping on your little darlings)

3. Check the weather reports a few days before to make sure you have the right gear for where you’re going. We’re sure all of us can remember a time when you were expecting blissful sunshine and had driving rain for five days - with only a pair of flip flops and a sarong to wear…


4. Don’t forget your child’s favourite toy or comforter in your hand luggage, and it might also be prudent to buy a few small presents for the journey to hand out on the flight to amuse and distract. You’ll be Top Mother all holiday!

5. On the top layer of your main suitcase pack the swimsuits for your family if you’re arriving during the day, or pyjamas and toothbrushes if arriving at night; this will save madly digging through all suitcases when everyone’s a little T.I.R.E.D from travelling.

6. Find out what the weight restrictions are for all luggage, particularly hand luggage - it would begin the start of a nightmare if you weren’t able to bring on board extra nappies, baby food and toys to keep all little one’s happy.


7. If you’re travelling with teenagers they should be able to pack for themselves but perhaps a light reminder the day before travelling that all electrical devices should be fully charged to ensure a peaceful journey for all.

8. If you haven’t already got one, consider a Trunki, which is a ride-on suitcase that you can pull along if speed is of the essence! Your child will be able to pack their choice of toys or teddies, learning travel techniques from an early age, and they add a flavour of fun to the whole experience.

9. Pack heavy items at the bottom of your suitcase, try rolling your clothes to diminish creases and make as much room as possible, put socks in shoes for space saving and don’t forget to pack all liquids into a sealed bag to prevent your whole suitcase smelling of argan oil and lavender (as nice as that would be) but covered in slime as well.


10. Make sure in all the busyness of packing for your little ones that you remember that this is a holiday for you ALL; don’t forget to pack for yourself those essentials that make a holiday a real getaway - magazines, good books, a new scent or swim suit- as they say, it’s the little things in life!

So if we have managed to quell your concerns, take a look at our Top 3 Properties for Kids Clubs or just give us a call on 01993 899 430 and we will happily chat about where you should be jetting off to for your next stress-free family holiday!