Why We Love COMO...

07 December 2016

Why We Love COMO...

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Sometimes it’s good just to be upfront about things that we adore; travel, a good wine, a favourite book, or a hotel that always, always exceeds your expectations… for us it’s COMO hotels. In fact we cannot stop raving about them… to anyone who’ll listen. 

The global brand of COMO, established by Singaporean businesswoman Christina Ong in the 90’s, is committed to “creating extraordinary experiences for curious people with a passion for a life lived fully”. From Miami to Bhutan every hotel is unique, however there are four overarching values that are deeply instilled in this world-class hotel set up; the design, the spa experience, the incredible cuisine (including the innovative and exceptional Shambala menu) and finally the actual atmosphere that all their hotels offer.


Super stylish design.

On entrance into any of the COMO hotels one gains a sense of design flair matched with fresh and clean lines. Their hotels have no whiff of the corporate; everything, right down to the layout of every bathroom is slick, with the latest technology and yet somehow there exists this laid back, calm feel to the building. Each hotel reflects the ‘sense of place’ of the culture and traditions of its location, for example COMO Cocoa Island, Maldives, offers 33 overwater suites in the shape of the traditional Maldivian boats, a touch that demonstrates ingenuity and creativity not always seen in the best hotels in the world. This can be seen down to the finest detail in all their hotels. When you walk into a COMO hotel you’ll wish that your home had the same chic style, right down to the lamps in the bedrooms, but they have even made that possible with the stunning COMO shops, located in the hotels themselves (and online, so you can take a piece of the luxury home with you. We especially recommend the evocative ‘Invigorate’ fragrance, that infuses the hotels with an unmistakable sense of COMO, and which will transport you straight back to your holiday every day.


Sensational Spas.

The Shambhala Spas are out-of-this-world sensational. Within every detail it is evident the focus is on wellness and tranquility. It is almost easy to forget you are actually in a ‘spa’ since there is an air of comfort and relaxation, in place of formality and stagnancy that can sometimes be experienced in spas. Shambhala spas look to achieve proactive holistic wellness, combining modern science with ancient healing through an impressive team of experts, therapies, products and yoga centres. Wander into any of their spas, whether in a buzzing city or a beachside retreat, and you will feel instantly encapsulated by a peace and stillness that is also mirrored by the professional staff and therapists, and that’s before any of the treatments begin! Some of the guests enjoy just spending time in the spa for that long lasting sense of calm. For the more active or those who are keen to learn, there are also workshops and seminars focusing on yoga, Pilates and other wellness practices, all working towards a results-driven agenda.

COMO Shambhala Estate - Dining -  mm881ComoCSE2013 8107FINAL.jpg

Incredible Food.

The menu in all COMO hotels (except the Halkin in London) is split into two sections, the Shambhala menu and the fine dining menu, however in our opinion both are equally fabulous. The Shambhala cuisine is focused on healthy and nutritious food that is gloriously delicious but also good for you! The menu is a perfectly calibrated mix of raw and cooked ingredients, designed to maximise personal performance by increasing concentration and energy levels while addressing blood-sugar imbalances. Either way, if the chef were to bring you out two plates from both menus and you were to do a blindfold test of which is which, we’re not sure you’d be able to tell, since the focus on wellness has left nothing out in terms of flavours and a sumptuous culinary experience! We recommend the breakfast at all COMO establishments, particularly the smoothie and green juices that are packed with goodness and taste incredible! Their menus are also sympathetic to gluten and dairy free, whether lactose intolerant or not their ice cream is a MUST.


Relaxed Atmosphere.

The COMO style of service is flawless. The hotel staff are helpful, charming and yet never overbearing, one feels as a guest that you have an autonomy which, in turn, gives a deep sense of peace and relaxation. This balance of maintaining ‘informal’ service and ensuring every need and whim is catered for is impressive. Those that recognise and value this balance return again and again, to explore the range of hotels COMO offer, each location offers a different experience, some have particular foci; family holidays, wellness or a city vibe. We leave you with a key statement in COMO’s own words that beautifully sums up why one should choose a COMO experience: “we provide reassurance in your search for respite from a fast-moving world, so you can feel the joy of living the present moment when the sun sets on your pool in the Turks and Caicos, or on a Buddhist temple in the valleys of Bhutan.

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