What To Buy The Jet-Setter In Your Life

14 December 2016

What To Buy The Jet-Setter In Your Life

There are some people who seem to be forever jetting off to some tropical destination, or nipping over to mainland Europe for a weekend minibreak. And when this is their preferred hobby, you can expect they might be able to buy most things they need. But that doesn’t mean they’ve thought of everything they need (or perhaps want is a better word). We’ve put our heads together and conjured up an original list of Christmas present ideas that you might just manage to surprise them with!  

Smythson Travel Wallet: Carry all-important documents in one place for ease of reaching them, Smythson is the go to for splendid leather products, beautifully crafted and an excellent addition for chic travel style. Perfect size for slipping into a handbag or briefcase and keeping everything organised. 

Petite pocket Posh Sudoku: For those travellers who need to stimulate their grey matter during queues, stopovers and of course the journeys themselves, this gorgeous little book includes hundreds of puzzles to keep all entertained and alert. 

Finlay and Co Sunglasses: One can never have too many pairs of sunglasses and Finlay and Co sunnies are no exception to the suave sophistication necessary for maintaining chic style on all travel adventures. Whether your loved one enjoys a leisurely afternoon by the pool or swooning over historical buildings throughout the world’s most beautiful cities, these sunglasses will maintain ultra elegant panache in all situations. A must for every jet setter.

Aesop Jet Set Kit: However exotic the destination, travelling can sometimes leave us a little dull and in need of a ‘lift’. Give them a mini set to invigorate and freshen up on board and once arrived. The Aesop products use only the most sumptuous fragrances to make the cleansing experience almost dreamy!

Thomas Lyte Travel Adaptor: This ultra compact adaptor not only boasts universal usage worldwide but also comes in a beautiful leather case to fulfill even the smartest travellers needs! And with the extra addition of a handy USB port, your gift recipient can charge their smartphone or tablet on the move.

Kate Spade Passport cover: You can rely on Kate Spade to make the most mundane items into super chic accessories in themselves. This being said, there has been no compromise to the practicality of this stylish blue passport cover either. It protects and creates a statement consecutively – what more could you ask for? 

Vintage Map desk calendar: This calendar uses vintage maps and could become a treasured desk feature for your avid globetrotter. Get inspired and daydream about the destination whilst at work (dangerous). The prints include detailed maps of Australia, Europe, Asia and beyond.

Travel backgammon set: Entertain yourself and friends whilst you while away the time playing this ancient game, forever exciting and competitive (particularly if the doubling dice is being used…) and beautifully presented in a stunning leather roll up set, it’s the perfect travel companion for any backgammon fans!

Noise cancelling headphones: Bose make world famous speakers and headphones, and their noise-cancelling over-ear Bluetooth set have every last detail considered; no longer get wires tangled up or feel forced to leave noisy areas to fully enjoy your well selected playlist, these headphones will make any long journey seem effortless.

Scratch Map: There are those we know in our lives that find it hard not to show off how many countries they’ve visited and for those dearest friends and family we’ve found the perfect gift! A world map covered in a luxurious gold foil that you can scratch away to reveal the countries that you’ve travelled to! Some countries even have information about them to inform and entertain beneath the gold covering.

Cashmere socks: These socks are a definite point scorer for any giver, they are deliciously snug, keeping your feet warm, allowing for your feet to breathe since they are made of natural fibres, and it feels like you’re slipping your feet into velvet when you put them on! Ideal for giving ultimate comfort on a long journey and keeping feet toasty if the destination is decidedly colder!