2017 Bucket List For Luxury Adventure

06 January 2017

2017 Bucket List For Luxury Adventure

"A new year, a new you…” No? We know, there can be a lot of waffle surrounding the New Year, so we’re not going to give you an emotional spiel about how to re-design your life plan, however we can recommend setting yourself some targets for adventure and exploring this beautiful world in ultimate comfort and style. Below is a list compiled from a range of our own travelling desires and life aims. But bucket lists should be personal, so use this as your inspiration mood board! 


1. Souk Shopping in Morocco. While away hours meandering the seemingly endless corridors of tiny stalls, boutiques and street sellers within the spellbinding souks of Marrakesh. From the totally obscure items to a quintessential pair of Moroccan slippers to a snake charmer, these labyrinthine passageways offer endless entertainment and intrigue. Make sure you enjoy a mint tea served in the traditional style, share a sumptuous tagine and let us plan a day trip for you into the stunning Atlas mountains for some wide perspectives and silence. 


2. Dune bashing in Abu Dhabi. Enjoying year round sunshine (ears prick up don’t they?!) visit the ‘Garden City of the Gulf’ for hazy tree lined boulevards, 249 miles of white sandy beaches, excellently strong ‘gun powder’ coffee, a cosmopolitan feel with excellent shopping and breath taking natural wonders just a 4x4 drive away. Escape to the vast dunes of the desert, try your hand at sand skiing or take to the wheel yourself and drive through the dunes at great speeds for an adrenaline packed adventure. Keep your eyes peeled for the indigenous sand gazelle and let us book you into the Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort for a taste of true luxury in the desert. 


3. Have a flutter in Monaco. Enjoy the glitz and glamour of this ultrachic destination, fuelled by champagne in this culture of extremes, whether your game of choice be black jack or roulette, allow the rhythm and fun vibe to get your heart racing for a game or two (although don’t forget to decide on your budget before you sit down to play!). Shake off the night before with a wander down the promenades with turquoise water lapping at your feet, stop off at Club 55 for a chilled rosé, sample the famous Tarte Tropezienne and drift through the French artisan markets. 


4. Cookery course & health retreat in Bali. Take to the kitchen and whip up a culinary feast of Indonesian traditional cuisine in this exotic and magical island. Learn the ancient forms of Balinese food whilst savouring the views outside & admiring where the ingredients came from. Complete your feel-good mood with yoga, spas and fragrant ginger tea, all important aspects of a stay at COMO Shambhala Estate in Ubud.  Explore the wider region by embracing the surf culture on Seminyak beach, sun worshipping on Nusa Dua beach or taking a ferry to the Gili Islands for complete Robinson Crusoe isolated tropical bliss.


5. Drive the Garden route, South Africa. Wind through this unspoilt and dramatic coastline for a road trip of a lifetime. Stop off at vineyards, both planned and spontaneously and learn about boutique and vintage wines, spending your evenings at different hotels or renting stunning properties along the way. Each day get ready to tick off some natural beauties, either a whale breaching out at sea, or get up close to an African elephant in Knysna Elephant Park. Be prepared to stop at any point when you come across a golden empty beach or an aquamarine lake for a quick dip or simply to marvel at a sunset or sunrise that makes your heart skip a beat.


6. Hike in the Highlands, Scotland. For a destination closer to home, but equally as resplendent, head north to the Highlands for a trip to remember. Stay in the world renowned Gleneagles and make it your base to then explore this wonderful country. Scale a munro or two, stopping en route for a wee dram of the finest whisky at any distillery you pass and take a tour whilst you’re there (Scots can explain the history of whisky with such passion). The natural beauty of the lochs and the views from the top of any hill will whisk you away from any snug open log fire and make your return to said log fire, very much worthy of it. If the weather’s on your side head to the Cairngorms for some skiing, or south to Edinburgh for a cosmopolitan feel matched with architectural splendour of this fine city.


7. See the world from the tallest building in Dubai. Get a sense of perspective 828m above the city; enjoying the vast views of city, desert and sea all from one building. With more than 160 floors this iconic building remains the tallest in the world and for that alone it is worth a mention on this bucket list. Not to forget enjoying the perks the dazzling host city of this record-breaking building holds in store for all to experience. Drop in at the one and only 7* hotel Burj Al Arab for Champagne afternoon tea, visit the Creek to see the old part of Dubai, laze about on the glorious beaches or go crazy with the duty free shopping!


8. Sunrise from a hot air balloon over Sonoran Desert, Arizona. If you’re looking for a complete contrast within one trip head to Arizona; where you can experience the arid desert in the south or deep pinewoods and mountains in the north. You can be a cowboy one day, an adventurous backcountry skier the next and lounging in Scottsdale (the spa capital of the world) the day after for some much needed kick back and relaxation. The idea of a hot air balloon ride gives us shivers to imagine the peace and tranquility floating up above a ghostly desert, watching with bated breath as you wait for the first glimpse of the crescent of rose gold sun rising out of shimmering sand. Magic.

 Zermatt Matterhorn.jpgZermatt Matterhorn.jpg

9. Spend Christmas in Zermatt. One of the most glamourous resorts with one of the most iconic European mountain faces; the Matterhorn. Feast in the Swiss restaurants on traditional delights; ski hard during the day down some of the most exhilarating pistes in the Alps; and relax and unwind in some of the most luxurious hotels and chalets in the evening. This town offers a splendid celebration of Christmas (without the potential tacky commercialisation that most long to avoid) with outdoor ice skating, (real) snow and icicles, twinkling lights, insanely good hot chocolate (laced with rum for grownups) and open log fires to snuggle up by.


10. Party in the Caribbean for New Year’s Eve. One of the best Caribbean islands to party on for New Year’s Eve, with a famously good firework display and sugary white sandy beaches to recover on once the 1st arrives, St Barths is the island of choice for welcoming in the new year. Let us help you plan your days leading up to the celebration in the usual style; exploring one of the 22 idyllically empty beaches, potentially taking a surf board to enjoy the waves, making sure you stop for a long leisurely lunch in one of the many fine dining establishments beachside, then choose where to hit the town for the incredibly social evenings St Barths proffers. 

Of course a bucket list of 10 cannot be all encompassing and there are many more places and experiences we would like to list. But the easiest place to start is with a phone call (01993 899 430) or by sending us an enquiry online.