Find Peace, Paradise And Perfection On Necker Island

13 March 2017

Find Peace, Paradise And Perfection On Necker Island

We all go on holiday for a myriad of reasons however we’re all looking for many of the same characteristics, and then some bespoke extras that might be specific to you and your family. Whatever your motivation or criteria for a holiday, Necker Island transcends a ‘normal holiday’ for all. Being a private island, the exclusivity gives it that initial ‘wow’ factor and all the trimmings of the most luxurious tropical destinations enable complete relaxation, tranquility & fun whilst there.

 Necker Island 5

Although most of the year the island is either available for exclusive bookings only or being used as a private home for Richard Branson and his family and friends, Necker is also available for a few exclusive weeks of the year for guests who want to book just one room; a rare opportunity to bask in the beauty of this spectacular island, with the unique knowledge that you will only need to share the whole island with (maximum) 17 other couples! During these openings, named ‘Celebration Weeks’, there is a vague itinerary that can be followed, of course as closely or loosely as you dictate!!

Necker Island 8 

Day 1. Having flown into Antigua, Puerto Rico (San Juan) or St. Thomas (USVI), taken a domestic or private charter to Beef Island you will then arrive at Necker on a short boat transfer- and… breathe… you’re finally in paradise (and it’s worth the journey we promise!) Arrive to chilled champagne, a perfect way to wash away the journey and get straight into holiday mode! You will then be given a walking tour of the island, shown your accommodation and then you can dive straight into the party spirit with a celebration dinner in the evening. You can choose between the 6 Bali Houses (sleeping a couple or single), some are built on a cliff or in the middle of the island, therefore either with great views of the sea or the rest of the island. Or you can opt for rooms in The Great House, a stylish spacious Balinese villa with eight rooms in total.

Necker Island 15 

Day 2. Find a truly tropical breakfast served on the terrace of The Great House, ready to get your energy levels pumped for a fantastic range of watersports including kite surfing, sailing, wind surfing, snorkeling and many more. Have a personal lesson for kite surfing or take a boat trip to explore the island. Of course the alternative is to simply relax, with the most taxing decision to make being ‘which cocktail do you prefer’?! With swim-up bars why not make that decision as you glide through the fresh water pools?! With all drinks (alcoholic and soft) included making these decisions less taxing- one could simply work through the menu! Then it’s party time with dinner at the Beach Pavillion continuing on to the Beach Bar into the wee small hours.

 Necker Island 23

Day 3. Perhaps you’d like to try a range of sports during your holiday, and maybe today is a paddleboard, kayak or kite day, whichever transport you choose, make your way to a neighbouring island for a spot of brunch before setting sail for a cruise to Cooper Island, we like to keep this day a bit of a mystery but you’ll just have to trust us that this day is not one to miss out on!

 Necker Island 20

Day 4. After an exciting day out yesterday you’ll be thrilled to hear that the order of the day is simply to relax and let your body and soul be lulled to perfect peace swinging on a hammock, lounging in the sunshine or cooling off in the many pools or hot tubs scattered about the island. For the evening’s activity your wits will be tested with a casino evening, can you hold your nerve in a game of poker or watch the ball swivel and fall in roulette without flinching? Enjoy a light flutter or of course go in with a serious winner’s approach.

 Necker Island 4

Day 5. If pampering is something you look for in the perfect holiday head to the Spa for a great range of treatments and massages to truly indulge, or take a Yoga or Pilates class for some gentle (or not so gentle…) stretching and relaxation. Stay super relaxed by then wandering down to one of the pools for some more unwinding and soaking up a few more rays before a delicious lunch. Once sated the afternoon promises to be a wild one, through a session with the vast array of amazing wildlife on the island. Expect giant tortoises, feeding the lemurs and watching the elegant flamingos in their natural habitat. Having made some new friends, dinner is served in one of Richard’s favourite spots; Bali Hi Beach, enjoy a stunning sunset and a truly Caribbean style BBQ surrounded by paradise.

 Necker Island 26

Day 6. There’s no slowing down the pace in terms of excitement, prepare to zip line down from the Great House to Turtle Beach, which is one of the most idyllic spots on the Island for a morning or day simply enjoying the breathtaking beauty and tranquility of the place. If you’re finding a little more activity necessary sign yourself up for the tennis tournament, where a tennis pro will be on hand to give you some pointers if desired. This pro player is also available throughout the week for tennis tuition on the floodlit court.

 Necker Island 10

Day 7. As your holiday comes to an end, there’s no need to leave feeling blue, for this reason you’ll be spoilt by a champagne breakfast to end your holiday as you started, reminisce between yourselves and the other guests about the amazing week you’ve all had over a delicious breakfast and savour that view whilst doing so.

If you are interested in taking advantage of the rare opportunity celebration weeks offer or perhaps booking the island for exclusive use on another date please give us a call on 01993 899 430 or enquire online.