Luxury Holidays in August

Luxury Holidays in August

August is a great month to travel, especially when you are considering luxury holidays with your family. Even though it is true that with the school holidays in the calendar most vacation resorts attract more people than usual, the discerning traveller can still find where to enjoy luxury holidays in August.

At Oxford Private Travel we are experts in selecting the most amazing and breathtaking locations and find in them the most comfortable and luxurious vacation resorts around the world where you can enjoy the ultimate holiday experience. If you are planning on enjoying some luxury holidays in August, you’ll find some interesting suggestions catered for the most demanding traveler.

Luxury Holidays in Fiji

            Fiji is the ideal destination for those looking to enjoy a real castaway experience. Its miles of warm crystal clear waters are awaiting for you to explore them at pleasure. While on the ocean, you are invited to get on your own private Catamaran and discover the most diverse coral reefs in the Pacific Ocean.

            Even though there’s no right or bad time to enjoy luxurious holidays in Fiji, discerning travelers know that since August is one of the few dry months in the year, spending a couple of weeks in the paradisiacal islands of Fiji in August helps travelers to avoid the rainy season and the tropical storms.

            Fiji is known for the warmth and hospitality of its people and enjoying luxury holidays there, staying in any of our private islands, will definitely create lasting memories for you.

Luxury Holidays in Seychelles

            Home to some of the world’s most desirable beaches, spending some luxury holidays in Seychelles invites you not only to visit a unique location with warm climate all year round but also to discover a utopian island..

            Mahé, the largest island, is home to Seychelles capital city, Victoria, ideal to discover on foot. Its colorful markets, friendly locals and unique shops are a match made in heaven. Praisling Island, the second largest island in the Seychelles, invite you to discover the fascinating UNESCO world heritage site of the Vallé de Mai National Park.

            For those looking to relax and enter into beach eden bliss, Oxford Private Travel invites you to choose any of our several exclusive and luxurious private island resorts in the Seychelles, your passport to luxury holidays in this paradise in the Indian Ocean.