Luxury Holidays in January

Luxury Holidays in January

            January is probably the month of the year when we need holidays the most. We are fat from the big Christmas holiday eatery, cold and Spring is a lifetime away. That said, what can be more attractive than including some luxury holidays in our New Year’s resolution? There are plenty of attractive destinations that satisfy the expectations of almost any traveler. The weather is perfect in the tropics and the southern hemisphere, Europe is pretty and powdery in snow and everywhere is a little quieter.

            The specialists in luxury holidays from Oxford Private Travel have come up with these selected destinations for you to choose from.

Luxury Holidays In Maldives

            Made up of a string of coral atolls in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives is a picture-perfect destination for those looking for luxury holidays that include sandy beaches, shallow turquoise waters and luxurious accommodation. Discerning travelers are invited to indulge in some well-deserved me-time and relax comfortably and luxuriously after the rush of the Christmas season.

            Maldives is a perfect retreat for those seeking romance, superb spas and incredible diving and snorkeling opportunities that both experienced and novice divers can enjoy.  And if diving is just not in your to-do list, you still won’t be disappointed when choosing Maldives for some luxury holidays. Many of the islands are surrounded by wonderful coral reefs, often with fantastic marine life just moments from the shore. That said, make sure you look for hotels which have a house reef accessible directly from the beach.

            There are so many islands in Maldives to choose from that you can rest assured that the luxury holiday experts of Oxford Private Travel will be able to find one for you that fulfills your most demanding expectations, from romantic breaks to family holidays or gourmet getaways.

Luxury Holidays in Hong Kong

            Hong Kong is a destination that those interested in luxury holidays should definitely take into consideration. Hong Kong is a dynamic, chaotic city with an energy of its own. Overflowing with possibilities, Hong Kong invites even the most well travelled to push their boundaries.

            Choosing Hong Kong as a luxury holidays destination means not only taking advantage of its fascinating streets, buzz life and renowned transport system but also enjoy its stunning mountains and glimmering beaches.

            Unique, cosmopolitan and breathtaking are only just a few words that describe what spending some luxury holidays in Hong Kong can be like.