Luxury Holidays in October

Luxury Holidays in October

October, with its half term holidays, provides a great week for family holiday. Children (and parents) get a break from the longest school term of the year and they also get the chance to enjoy some sunshine before the clock goes forward and the November fog sets in. Even though no traveller can be assured of rain-free luxury holidays in October, especially for those planning luxury holidays in Europe, there are still a few locations that stand out for their reasonably confident warm sunshine.

            The specialists in luxury holidays from Oxford Private Travel have selected some great destinations that will satisfy the demands of even the most discerning travelers.

Luxury Holidays In Tenerife

            Spending some luxury holidays in October in Tenerife can be a great plan for those starving of summer sunny weather amidst the cloudy and cold British fall weather. Tenerife, the largest of the Spanish Canary Islands archipelago, is a volcanic island boasting a plethora of flora and fauna that is a holidaymakers heaven. Tenerife stands out among other islands for its stunning coastline, spectacular beaches, a mountainous rugged heartland and deep blue waters.

            Tenerife is an awesome destination for some luxury holidays in October. Chic and stylish hotels are awaiting you together with the warmth hospitality of the locals. You can expect plenty of time to enjoy the warm sunshine, the impressive scenery and, of course, the delicious Spanish food.

            Only four hours’ flying time from London, Tenerife is as well a perfect luxury holidays destination for those travelling with small children. It offers soft sandy beaches where adults can relax and sunbathe while the youngest members of the family build sandcastles. Golf courses, mountain cycling trails and scuba-diving opportunities, Tenerife has something special for everybody.

Luxury Holidays In Cyprus

            October is a great month to indulge yourself in luxury holidays in Cyprus. The hottest months are over but temperatures are still warm enough and provide the perfect temperatures in which to explore Cyprus’s sleepy villages, her crumbling amphitheatres and temples, the crystal clear Mediterranean and its mysterious temples.

            Cyprus is a very attractive destination located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea for anyone looking for luxurious holidays. It’s a romantic, beautiful island with impressive natural landscapes. Discerning travelers will find a wealth of luxury hotels and this is why Cyprus has emerged as a most sought after destination. And for those with a gourmand spirit, the Cypriot cuisine, influenced by the Turkish and Greek cultures, has delicious dishes to offer such as creamy hummus, Taramosalata, Halloumi, and part sheep’s part cow’s milk cheese.